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Located in the northen region of Portugal since 20 September 1988, an area known by its vast textile tradition, on a village 30 km from the main city of Oporto and 15 of Guimaraes, heart of textile and manufacturing Portuguese business, Tabel was founded by António Humberto Bragança Salgado.
Nowadays Tabel has two distinct business models, Fashion and Home Textiles, employing a staff of over 150 highly skilled and dedicated workers. Its internal manufacturing capabilities allied with extended partnerships within the portuguese textile cluster allow us to develop and deliver all types of fashion and textiles related products.

Mission – Using innovation to achieve an outstanding textile product using only highly sustainable techniques with a permanetly investment in new and modern technologies.

Tabel stands out in the market when it comes to design due to its large range of fabrics, different finishes and design. A motivated design team works in collaboration with all customers to develop and make
Every season, the design and fashion team presents a collection of exclusive and original designs, printed using different techniques, conventional or digital and over any type of raw material.

Tabel shows the necessary capacities and versatility to be the european textile leader.

Tabel Group

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